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I am looking for a programmator who would have enough time in the next month (or two) to really work on my dream application.

I am currently a scholarship manager in Axie Infinity and I am searching for person who will build me a tool so I dont have to track everything manually and then if everything works together, I would love to give you more work on projects.

Axie infinity in brief summary – cryptocurrency play to earn game, running on blockchain, where players battle for SLP (cryptocurrency) with teams of 3 Axies against each other.

Right now, I would want an application (web or desktop) where I can input all of my ronin adresses and I can see in an interface what is in TOTAL on the accounts, and what is on eac hone. Refresh would be upon a button press.

Basically it means just interacting and finding your way around the game API to deliver these information.

Here is summary of resources I found:

Also please join their official discord, as there is #tools api channel, where in pinned messages there is a lot of resources on how to go around it. (you can join their discord via )

So as a start, I would like an application that is either web or desktop based and:
I can look at the code any time and see what it does
There is a simple button to import ronin adresses ( you can search ronin adresses here
It will show the:
number of axies in each account
number of SLP in each account
number of AXS in each account
number of eggs in each account (unhatched axies)
number of weth in each account
point a-e but total
It will refresh upon clicking a “refresh” button.

This should be a very simple task, designed to judge if we want to cooperate together on the bigger things!

If this is not for you, I am sorry, maybe you can help me find the correct category on fiverr?

Hourly Range: $3.00-$20.00

Posted On: September 13, 2021 14:18 UTC
Category: Desktop Software Development
Skills:Desktop Applications, Blockchain, Web Application

Country: Czech Republic

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