Woo-commere variable product build

Reference URL:- https://www.johnlewis.com/john-lewis-partners-camden-snuggler/p3244820?shapeSelected=snuggler&fabricSku=236538107&legType=dark

Framework :- WordPress + Woocommere variable product


– We need to customize the woocommerce variable product and prepare the selection option as per the given reference
– Below are the product variable attributes that we will use for creating the variations:-
– Shape & size
– Fabrics & colors
– leg finishes

– We need to showcase the number of existing variations. For example, 106 fabrics & colors are available & 2 leg finishes are available.

– It should change the image gallery while selecting the vitiation options.
– We will have the option to search the fabric & filter by color and brand.
– Once the product is added to the cart all the information will show in the cart,- checkout page, order, email, and admin order detail page.

– We are not allowed to change any core file of the plugin. We are allowed to change only in the child theme.
– We need to perform this work in the variable product and we do not allow the creation of multiple products to achieve this feature.
– The client required very clean code so they can utilize this functionality in multiple websites.
– All the code must have to comment which will be easy for any dev to understand how the function will work.

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