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Looking to create a website that will help automate the process of converting foreign country licenses to a specific U.S. government agency license.  The user would be guided by a step by step conversion process online that would take place over potentially several weeks while government verifications take place.  The basic flow for the front end user would be:

1. User creates an account and selects specific conversion process
2. User views guide (textual with a video option) on conversion process.  Textual guide is dynamic based on options selected during create account phase
3. User completes conversion process outside of website which may take several days/weeks.  Once complete, user will return to website and upload supporting documents.  Must be able to drag and drop files into document upload.  Also must have the option to take photos from mobile device and upload that way.   One document is photo ID.  If passport is used, OCR must be done on the passport to scan the MRZ information and save to user account (KYC process).  All documents must be securely stored.
4. User will then view textual and video guide to complete a final off-site application. At completion of off-site application, user will submit dates and time ranges they would be available to complete an in-person interview.
5. Admin will review documents and select an interview time.  This must integrate with Zoom and also Google Calendar.
6. Applicant will pay conversion fee through website and view meeting instructions and guidelines.
7. After completion of Zoom interview, admin will upload completion documents to website and user will have ability to download for specific duration.  Additionally, website will automatically email the file to applicant with text in the email from a template.  These template must be easily edited and dynamic based on type of conversion completed.

Backend process for admin
1. Admin receives email from website that user has started process
2. Admin receives email from website that user has completed off-site verification and uploaded supporting documents.
3. Admin approves supporting documents and advances applicant to scheduling phase
4. Admin reviews potential date/time schedules and approves meeting time
5. Admin uploads completed license document and application to website for applicant access, and website will generate email to applicant with documents and pre-filled email template
6. Website automatically combines all documents into specific page sequence in PDF format with option for Admin to download.

On the Admin backend, it needs a dashboard that shows all applications and the status of each.  The initial website design will incorporate ability to convert two different licenses, but needs to have scalability to allow for future license conversions that may require more or fewer steps.

On the front end applicant site, it needs to show a progress bar or chart of the steps being done in the process once they login, with an emphasis in simplicity.

Flowcharts will be provided to you with how the steps will take place and what would trigger each event.  Additionally I would meet with you in person or via Zoom to show you how the entire application process will take place so you can have complete understanding of how it would work.

The domain name has been purchased, but site hosting and payment gateways are flexible based on your preference.

Hourly Range: $20.00-$50.00

Posted On: September 14, 2021 16:19 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website Development

Country: United States

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