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I am looking for someone to rebuild my website, into a custom wordpress theme (may also be an custom cms) that I coud later on work with, to make my workflow way easier.

Right now, it’s build in plain html/css/js, and isn’t really responsive.

What I need is:

1. Desktop version
– Main Page
– One Category Page
– One Subcategory Page
5. Mobile version of the website. (might be a blank skeleton)

And the rest of them I will complete myself with the already working theme.

– I also require it to look like it does now, layout and the way that these buttons look, animate and work.

– Banner could be an empty black space because it needs rebuilding.

If you go to styles.css and make divs to have 1px solid black border, you will see how it is build right now.

This image represents the main skeleton of the website.

This image represents how content part of the website should look like

I would also be glad if you could describe how and where to change the code to make subtle changes to the look of for example buttons or a banner.

The website adress is and for the mobile version, I would love for the mobile version to look as simmiliar to the current one, and to be automatically responsive without using 2 seperate domains, if that’s possible.

I am open to negotiations.

Budget: $250

Posted On: September 14, 2021 17:03 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WordPress, Web Design, Website Development, HTML, JavaScript, Website Customization, WordPress Theme, CMS, CMS Development, Custom CMS

Country: Poland

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