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I want a program I can run on a computer which will be logged into a site and on a certain page. It should click on a button about every minute and look for jobs meeting certain criteria.  It will send me email when an appropriate job appears. I am assuming this is feasible. This is for the use of myself and maybe a friend. I will provide more information about what site this is, but I do not want to post that publicly. I listed this as hourly, but it should be a fixed price job.  I listed HTML because it is genera, but it can be implemented in various programming languages. I am open to various alternatives, but we should discuss that before implementing. This is for my own purposes, so it can be done kind of quick and dirty and I need it to be low cost.

Posted On: September 14, 2021 14:18 UTC
Category: Front-End Development

Country: United States

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