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Mica™, LLC is a company specializing in dust hazard management. Part of dust hazard management is conducting a dust hazard analysis (DHA). DHA involves going through applicable checklists written by Mica’s founder with clients and responding to each question posted to evaluate hazards present at the client’s facility. This is currently done in Excel.

Mica has designed an application to be used on a web browser to accomplish this in a much more streamlined fashion. The company is looking for a developer who can build this design to the specifications of the company. The software still operates as a spreadsheet but contains functionality specific to dust hazard analysis. The administrator (Mica founder) will develop and upload checklists to be used in each analysis. The administrator will also add new users. Each analysis (aka study) will be saved as a file in the software so that users can open, view, and edit old studies. When a study is open, it will look like a spreadsheet on the user’s screen, and they will be able to access tools and resources as pop-ups by clicking buttons also shown on the screen.

The tools will include the dust accumulation calculations, summary/report generation, parking lot (bookmarking items), and the ability to customize the risk matrix that is used to determine the risk level. Reference items will include a list of ignition sources and study information.

Budget: $20,000

Posted On: September 15, 2021 18:59 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Website Development

Country: United States

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