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Hello, my name is Chris Randall and I’m the owner of Sweep LLC. Sweep is a residential cleaning service that offers residents the ability to order house cleanings through our mobile app. They select whichever pre-priced rooms/services they want, schedule it, and submit it for our contracted cleaners to accept. From their profile, the can view all available jobs and complete jobs that they currently have.

There are several features and improvements that the app needs, but instead of building on each app, I would like to create a web App that fulfills my full vision of what Sweep should be. I want clients to be able to use the web app on their phones and computers. I would like it to temporarily replace my current apps until the budget allows me to add on to the apps.

What I’m looking for in a developer:
I want someone that speaks English fluently, communicates well about changes or struggles, shares information and progress, someone with creativity and vision, someone that I could potentially lean on in the future if all goes well for both parties, and someone who is detail oriented and can follow and envision the end picture.

I currently have a working website, admin panel, and mobile application (android and apple). I want this web app to replace the mobile applications for now and be the sole source of orders. I also need an admin panel that tracks numbers, users, etc. The design can be modeled off the current versions.

For any extensive features, using existing widgets is okay for cost efficiency. Some of the capabilities needed for the web app: scheduling, profile creation (client and cleaner), admin panel to control information, linking the order with Stripe payment processing, accept credit/debit and ach transfers (apple pay possibly)(scan card feature?), order building system, recurring orders, in app chat, maps or address autofill  for selecting address, possibly create a profile with existing facebook or google profile, autofill a spreadsheet for important tracking information, and more!

Budget: $5,000

Posted On: September 15, 2021 03:48 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Design, WordPress, Web Application, Java, JavaScript, Mobile App Development, User Profile Creation

Country: United States

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