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I’m looking for someone to work with me directly and assist with building a react native mobile app as I’m overloaded myself at the moment with a number of other projects.

The app should be fairly simple for someone experienced with react native development and will for the most part replicate what the website does at it’s mobile breakpoint size.  

Our web app version of the service is currently written in react and nextjs and so I have a lot of existing code that will be re-used such as the API client layer, typescript interfaces, helper functions and a large number of libraries for things like building playlists, rebuilding playlists, generating image URLs and paths etc.

The react native application generally just needs to integrate with the API, authenticate the user, allow them to sign up and query some basic endpoints for data.

There is a portion of our application that uses Google maps, so there would be a basic maps integration as well, again though we already have this built in standard React so you can probably re-use most of this.

If all goes well, we will likely keep using your services going forward for various updates etc.
I’ll be reviewing the code often just to make sure everything is staying on track and we’re on the same page. We’ll be working from the same repo.

I’ve been a software engineer for over 12 years and personally built the API and web application so you can feel free to discuss any technical problems and solutions with me.

The easiest way to see roughly what we are looking for is to open up on your mobile device and click around, we basically need a mobile representation of that.

Please let me know if you have any questions

Hourly Range: $15.00-$35.00

Posted On: September 15, 2021 06:42 UTC
Category: Mobile App Development
Skills:TypeScript, Phone, Hybrid, iOS, Android, User Authentication, User Profile Creation, Location, Map Integration, API Integration, Push Notifications, Google Analytics, React, React Native, Mobile App Development, JavaScript

Country: Australia

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