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Looking to have 7 icons created for a website. The icons are to be in a collage style. Please view the links below to see collage inspiration. Asset like the links I’ve shared can be purchased for you you use as well.

I’d like for this project to be complete within 2 weeks if possible.

While I have each icon outlined of what they should represent with the objects, the objects can be altered to your judgement and creativity, as long as they represent the same message. This is for a company that operates in the cannabis industry, so cannabis inspired is a must.

Collage Inspiration Links:

Icon Representations:
Icon 1: Connection between people and data  (handshaking, lightbulb, puzzle piece, cannabis leaf)
Icon 2: Questions and research (question mark, books, data)
Icon 3: Improvement / Results (chart going up, money, ??)
Icon 4: Largest group in Canada (canada map with a group of people, or one person with a + sign, maybe the map looks like a cannabis leaf, or is made up of many leafs?)
Icon 5: Research (cannabis themed – showing researching but including cannabis plant in some way)
Icon 6: Results (cannabis plants showing different stages of growth to look like a chart going up, small plant, med plant, large plant)
Icon 7: Get paid (showing product packaging, cannabis leaf, $$)

Hourly Range: $10.00-$20.00

Posted On: September 15, 2021 18:18 UTC
Category: Graphic Design
Skills:Website Asset, Playful, Modern, Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Icon Design, Contemporary

Country: Canada

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