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I need a research assistant to help with our email marketing campaigns. The ideal applicant should be able to find two key pieces of information for company websites that will be provided in a spreadsheet.

Key information required for each company website

1. Target – Find the target persona of the given company. For example, if the company sells software to sales directors and CMOs, then report it as sales director/CMO.

Required format – job title 1/job title 2/job title 3. Minimum 2 job titles or departments needed.

Examples – controller/risk manager, CS/CX team, sales VP/product VP, marketing/sales director, sales/marketing/finance team

How to figure out the target of a given company?
You can check for customer testimonials in the website and see if the person in the testimonial has a designation/job title like CIO or CTO or engineering VP or something else. You can also check in the website header if there is a section called solutions based on role, that can give you an understanding of the target persona. You can also read in their Google/Linkedin/social descriptions for whom they are built. Finally, if a job title isn’t present and you can’t figure it out, then you can default to the department/team that the SaaS website targets.

2. Target Body – This value is the same as the target but with formatting changes. The target body goes in the email content so we can’t use slashes and they have to be correct grammatically. With some changes like replacing / with & and commas, you can quickly fill the values for Target Body.

Required format – job title1(plural), job title2(plural) & job title3. The examples from Target section when converted to Target Body are provided in the next line.

Examples – controllers & risk managers, CS & CX teams, sales VPs & product VPs, marketing & sales directors, sales, marketing & finance teams

2. Competitors – Each website has an associated competitor and those can be found using a simple google search. Normally, you will find the competitors as a part of the first search result for common/popular websites. For others you might have to scroll a bit in the page and figure out which search result provides the best information. Websites like G2crowd, Capterra, Getapp,,, Sourceforge, Growjo are the ones that you should trust and you will get a result from each one of them. In case of conflicting results you will have to decide which website provides the correct information. This can be done by comparing the products of the website in the sheet and the alternative/competitor suggested in Google, if they are similar then the suggestion is correct. I have included the search url for finding each competitor for a company to get you started.

The final task is to enter the above three pieces of information for each website in the master sheet that I’ll provide. I have provided an example file to demonstrate how the final output looks like.

The task sheet is labeled as "task-sheet.csv" and the example output file is labeled as "example-output-file.csv".

Ideal Applicant
– Has an understanding of the SaaS ecosystem
– Is well versed in English
– Is able to make sense of complex information provided on B2B saas websites.
– Is able to identify correct information from Google when multiple results are offered.
– Should have a knowledge of the various job titles across industries and hierarchies. Or should be able to search for them.

Budget: $50

Posted On: September 15, 2021 09:33 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Company Research, Company Information, Market Research, Data Entry

Country: United States

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