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Searcher is a search assistant that manages and searches pre-selected sites in groups and organizes the search results in one tab for easy viewing and navigation (Multi-Site Search). It also provides an easy way to compare phrases (Multi-Input Search).

If you are a translator, foreign-language writer, or language teacher and need to see several dictionaries of different types (English, Korean, English-Korean, synonym dictionaries, etc), it’s a big hassle to open browser tabs for these dictionary sites and search them one by one. You also need to check search engines, machine translators, and example databases. Tabs multiply and soon you lose track of which is which. With Searcher you can put these sites in groups, search all sites in a group with one click, and see their results in one tab, with easy arrow key toggle. This group/site organization can be applied to a lot of different areas, such as image search, where you can put Google Image, Pinterest, Shutter stock, etc, in Image Group and search them with one click. See the demo for more groups.

Multi-Input Search is mostly for language workers such as translators, language teachers/learners, and writers, who often need to compare alternative phrases in terms of frequency and meaning and choose the correct one to use. Searcher provides a convenient interface to Google them and view the results.

– Searcher will access the search sites from user’s local IP, not from a central server.
– Searcher does not scrape and modify websites; it shows them as they are.
– Searcher will be built first for PCs and later for phones.

Each page of Searcher must provide the core functionalities above; if possible, the noncore functionalities are desirable.
•  Core functionalities: link clicks, page search (Ctl + F), page zoom, content switching (, video playing, right-click context menu, spelling check, auto login
•  Noncore functionalities: borrowing books, making a purchase, extensions like Grammarly and adblock

Searcher video demo:
An app with multi-site search: MemoQ Web Search (
An app with multi-input search (Engle):

If you are interested in building it for me, please start with explaining your proposed approach and issues involved. Also please keep in mind:

– I can only hire companies, not individual developers.
– I can only offer fixed-price contracts.

Budget: $30,000

Posted On: September 15, 2021 06:55 UTC
Category: Desktop Software Development
Skills:Electron, C++, Standalone Application, JavaScript, Desktop Applications

Country: South Korea

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