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Hi, I need my product oriented B2B website completely redesigned and turned into a modern B2B consulting/service website. Please ignore current website as we will need to start from scratch

I’m looking for someone or an agency who can both design and build a responsive website using Elementor Pro (Mandatory) consisting of
– 1 home  page (content attached)
– 4 more basic Service pages (content attached)
– 3 templates for three types of posts: Insights, Blogs and Product announcements
– index page for posts
– a knowledge base (can use a plugin)
– footer to include 7 legal type pages

It’s vital that the person /people can take my content, create a family of custom graphic images so there is a consistent look and feel to the site and build a great website using Elementor Pro.

I have over 100 articles/posts etc so need a couple of templates. I will slowly migrate all the articles from my old site to this new site.

I’m looking for a fixed price quote, based on the attached spec. I’ve also attached the content for the first 5 pages.

1. Please ignore the budget and give me a fixed price quote for the work. Tell me what it will really cost, including 3 revisions per page.
See attached for a detailed specification as well as draft content.

2. You MUST be able to create/design a custom set of modern graphic images to be used in the website. To maintain a constant look and feel across the site, they must all be flat or isometric.

3. Please include in your price at least three draft designs for the home page so I can chose the best one.

4. Any response that simply states an hourly rate will be rejected.

Posted On: September 15, 2021 08:18 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Graphic Design, Website, Elementor

Country: Australia

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