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I need an architecture document describing an internally used CRM system. The documentation should be done based on a high-level functionality description negotiated with a client.
– Ideally, the document should be based on an industry-standard template, e.g. Arc42.
– The document should describe the logical components, deployment setup and main runtime scenarios.
– The expected volume of the document is aroud 60 pages, including diagrams, sequence charts for runtime scenarios, component tables etc.
– It’s ok to have some level of ambiguity in the document, if different solutions can be implemented. In this case, we should list possible alternatives and describe their pros and cons.

We’re looking for a person who has experience designing software architecture as well as good writing skills. Additional information on the project and/or constraint can be provided per request.

Budget: $500

Posted On: September 15, 2021 18:30 UTC
Category: Architecture
Skills:Solution Architecture, Documentation, Technical Writing, Software Architecture & Design

Country: Latvia

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