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I’m looking for freelancers with user and/or market research experience to support some ongoing business and personal projects. We will be hiring 2-3 people for ongoing work so are looking for a diversity of skillsets.


Regardless of specialization, the ideal candidates would have experience* working with early-stage startups on research initiatives that span secondary and primary methods (including but not limited to survey design, 1:1 interviews, and internet research),

I’m looking for researchers who are able to go from high-level ambiguous open questions to clear, specific, plans for execution– who are able to frame areas of exploration as research questions, develop research plans that address specific learning objectives, execute, and deliver clear and succinct summaries/findings with limited supervision.

I’m also looking for curious self-taught researchers who enjoy scouring the web for information, then distilling down findings into well-packaged, presented, and articulated insights and takeaways.

*Note: I will consider scholars/academics even if they do not have industry experience; it’s the research and insights communication skills (i.e. how information and findings are packaged and presented) that matters more here.


Below are some examples of potential projects:

Market Research

– Build one-page Google Doc summaries of immigration requirements for 2-3 specific countries
– Create an excel sheet of the best-rated spa and wellness services in a particular zip code
– Create a list of 25 African Women CEOs, with their company and LinkedIn profiles and other pertinent information in Airtable
– Research and create profiles of the top competitors in a particular product category, document in a Google Slide Deck
– Find highly credible articles and statistics related to the impact of diversity & inclusion in the workplace, that we can use in a presentation
– Find and compare back-end accounting software for small businesses, share recommendations for the company

User/UX Research

– Design a survey to get feedback from a multi-day conference or workshop, across different audience segments (e.g. speakers vs participants)
– Develop a research plan (and facilitation guides) to interview users on a specific topic


– Curious & Analytical: We expect that the researchers go beyond simply collating information on the internet to ‘interpreting’ and distilling information down to what’s most important and aligned with the learning goals.

– Strong Writer & Communicator: The value of research is in how it’s framed, articulated, and communicated. We expect that the researchers are able to deliver high-quality — well-formatted, logically structured, coherent, and easy to digest — work outputs.

– Knowledge Organization: In instances where the research can result in a lot of information (e.g. lists, data points, lots of data), we value researchers who’ll take care in how the information is organized and structured for ease of understanding and analysis.


Answer the questions and be sure to share samples of your work!

Hourly Range: $5.00-$50.00

Posted On: September 15, 2021 23:18 UTC
Category: User Research
Skills:Quantitative Research, Survey Design, Interviews, Qualitative Research, Very Small (1-9 employees), Startup, User Research, Competitive Analysis, Research, Market Research

Country: United States

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