Software Engineer II, Cloud

We are Serverless Inc, creators of the Serverless Framework, a popular open-source development tool for building serverless applications.  Our mission is to make harnessing the creative potential of serverless cloud infrastructure easy and fun through user-friendly developer tools.
While adoption of the Serverless Framework has grown beyond our most extraordinary expectations, it’s still the beginning of the massive serverless technology trend.  We believe serverless cloud infrastructure is the natural evolution of the cloud, and the future will provide developers with more serverless options than ever.
We’re now scaling to improve the Framework and offer several new development experiences for developers and organizations.  We are distributed by location but united in our purpose.  We value product-minded technologists and fully own our successes and failures. Most importantly, we believe that people do their best work when empowered. If you are on a journey to find a team that crafts ingenious cutting-edge solutions while having fun together, we are your destination.
Serverless Inc. is a fully remote company.
We are seeking experienced Software Engineers to work on our new Serverless Cloud product. Serverless Cloud is a next-generation cloud offering, with the mission to make serverless easier and more accessible to everyone. Here are a few of the problems we’re attempting to solve and on which you’ll be working.

Roles & Responsibilities

Simplifying development and deployment of serverless applications
Enhancing developer team collaboration using cutting-edge developer workflows
Providing advanced troubleshooting and debugging solutions for serverless applications
Integrating serverless applications with other SaaS services and cloud infrastructures
Reading, writing, and sharing data in serverless applications


Experience with AWS services common to serverless architectures (AWS Lambda, API Gateway, DynamoDB, IAM, etc.)
Experience building REST APIs and other common application architectures on the above services
Experience building REST APIs and other back-ends in the Node.js runtime
Strong JavaScript, TypeScript and Node.js skills
Experience working within a distributed team and project management in Github
Excellent written communication skills

Benefits for Full-Time Employees

Quality healthcare, dental, and vision plans
Domestic partners receive the same benefits that are available to spouses of employees
Paid leave for all new parents
401(k) Retirement savings account
Our team members can enjoy flexible scheduling
Our team is globally-distributed, and we work from home 100% time
Unlimited time off for our full-time team members
Serverless empowers employees to expand their expertise through professional development

Attributes We Seek
Motivated foremost about serverless and making it accessible to all through world-class development tools.
Prioritizes the customer-facing experience above all else.
Unafraid of ambiguity, identifies what matters most and delivers, without waiting or apprehension.
Takes Ownership
Owns the goals, and more importantly, their results.
Doesn’t expect communication to happen but ensures it, with emphasis on excellent written communication.
Treats everyone inside and outside of our organization with dignity, and respects differences in perspectives, opinions, and experiences.
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