Turing School: Associate Instructor – Back End Engineering

Headquarters: Denver, CO

URL: https://turing.edu

Round 1 applications for this role must be submitted by Noon MT on Tuesday, September 28, 2021.
Round 2 applications for this role must be submitted by Noon MT on Thursday, October 14, 2021.

Turing School of Software & Design is seeking an Associate Instructor to join our Backend Instructional team. Please note that Turing now operates fully remotely including all instruction and events. We will not return to in-person work. Staff members must have a permanent address in the United States and work from a location +/- two time zones from Mountain Time.

As we work to find a new normal after COVID, more people than ever are rethinking the future of their career. Many will decide that their old job didn’t have a bright enough future, while software development seems to have infinite potential. Turing helps people reboot their career, enter tech, and live a life they dreamed of. Beneath the surface, Turing is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization working to change the landscape of the technology industry by training a diverse, passionate, and highly skilled workforce ready to build software that’ll change the world.


Associate Instructors report to the Director of Backend program, Alex Robinson. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Deliver approximately eight hours of whole-group instruction per week
Facilitate evaluations and assessments of projects and individual student progress
Create, edit and improve instructional materials that are aligned with the learning goals of the Turing curriculum
Research, prepare, and deliver lesson topics in a way that is both engaging and effective
Work and teach remotely during the hours 8:15-5:00 Mountain Time daily in addition to occasional special events outside of these hours
Make a two-year commitment to teaching at Turing
Support and lead professional development and Gear Up sessions
Interview potential students


High quality applicants will have most or all of the following:

At least one year of experience working as a professional software developer or delivering professional-quality academic software work
Experience working in our Back End technologies and frameworks such as Ruby, SQL, and Rails or comparable tools
Some experience with full-time teaching in K-12 or adult environments
Willingness to organize and instruct classes of 25+ students
Excellent written communication skills, both in technical and non-technical contexts
Ability to hypothesize, plan, execute, and iterate in extremely rapid cycles
Ability to take feedback and improve instructional practices
Must be located in the United States

Metrics of Success

Performance in this role will be measured by:

Performance of and feedback from students in the instructed module
Direct classroom observation by the Program Director and peers
Feedback from the module instructional team

Employee Expectations

The employee can expect to:

Have a starting salary of $93,136 with approximately a 1.0% raise every “inning” (7-8 weeks)
Be considered for promotion to Instructor when their skills and capabilities grow
Have fully paid premium health insurance and full coverage for a spouse and any dependents
Long-term disability insurance
401(k) savings program with 2% employer match
Group Life Insurance (with benefit equal to yearly salary)
Be covered by our flexible minimum leave policy of at least 15 days per year
Be covered by our maternity/paternity leave policy ensuring at least 12 weeks of fully paid leave
Be covered, after one year, by our exceptional medical care benefit
Work remotely from a location with dependable, high-speed internet and typical work hours of 8:15-5:00 Mountain Time daily

Growth Opportunities

Our instructional team levels progress as follows: (1) Teaching Assistant, (2) Assistant Instructor, (3) Associate Instructor, (4) Instructor. Typically an Associate Instructor joins the team ready to teach and work with students, but has opportunities to grow in their student management, education theory, and other instructional skills. Strong staff members develop these skills within two years and move up to Instructor. From there, some will choose to stay in the classroom for several years, but others will move into Director or other leadership roles. Instructional staff members also have the opportunity to change teams within Turing if they want to explore other technical areas.

Additionally, we understand that time spent at Turing is a stepping stone for instructors just as it is for students. When instructors leave Turing and return to software development, they find that the skills developed at Turing set them up for success as Team Lead or Director roles at other companies.

Diverse Recruitment Pool Policy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of Turing’s organizational values. To ensure a diverse pool of candidates is considered, initial reviews and phone screens will not begin until optional applicant self-reporting demonstrates that the pool is, at a minimum, made up of 30% people of color and 30% non-male applicants. In the event that a sufficiently diverse pool has not applied after recruiting efforts of 90 days, the application period will close and current applicants will be allowed to move forward in the process.

This information will be collected via a separate anonymous electronic form as part of the application process. This anonymous electronic form will be collected by an employee that is not involved in the interview process for new candidates. Once the data from the anonymous form indicates that the above percentages of pool diversity are reached, the hiring team will be notified that the screening and interview process may begin for the new position.

Selection Process

Applicants can anticipate the following application process:

Submit initial application through this system including a cover letter which clearly answers these three questions:
Your background likely features time and effort put into being a software developer. Why spend your time teaching software instead of building it?
How have efforts to create equity in the world shown up in your own life experience and in your work, so far?
We know that being an instructor at Turing likely isn’t the last job you’ll ever have. How can this role and the skills you develop in it help you get closer to being the person you want to be?

Receive (via email) and complete the demographic survey
Screening review of initial applications leading to some candidates being invited to interview.
A 30-minute interview with at least one current staff member.
Complete a technical challenge approximately 3 hours in total length
Applicants will then teach a short sample lesson or complete a comparable performance task and interview with the Director of the program.
Receive a final decision

To apply: https://weworkremotely.com/remote-jobs/turing-school-associate-instructor-back-end-engineering

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