UX/UI Design on Figma to Prototype an Internship Platform (Marketplace) MVP – Upwork

We are building a marketplace that allows employers to search intern candidate profiles the same way you would look for a vacation rental on Airbnb. Employers start their search with the particular role they are looking to fill, and then can filter their results by skill sets, location and other preferences. We want to re-invent the candidate profile by putting the person at the foreground. We also feature a 30-second video of the candidate in their profiles.

We are looking for a UX/UI designer who can help us prototype our no-code product, both for the website and as a responsive web app (we are using bubble.io) on Figma. We have already started the process, but we are not yet happy with the outcomes (pictures attached).

Posted On: September 15, 2021 04:09 UTC
Category: Mobile Design
Skills:Web Design, Figma, UX/UI, Responsive Design, Design, Wireframes, Website Redesign, Mobile App Design, Mobile UI Design, UI/UX Prototyping, Product Design, Landing Page

Country: Hong Kong

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