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Hi Maria,

I am creating a website for the sale of disposable vapes. My company is PuffinIt. My domain is

I would like for you to do everything ranging from the UI design as well as the implementation of e-commerce features.

I will be selling a few select products (3-4) so when the consumer visits they do not have too much to think about. I want to create a clean, colorful UI that catches the consumer’s eye.

I want to have e-commerce options to pay via credit card/debit card, Apple Pay, and any other mainstream payment methods you may recommend. I am also interested in adding bitcoin as a payment method if you are familiar with adding this type of feature.

I saw your creation at and I think it is very beautiful. I want to include features like:
1. When the customer visits the website they will receive a small pop-up asking for their email and/or phone number for a discount. If they input the info they will also receive a follow-up email/text within 30 minutes to remind them they have a discount.
2. I also like the add to cart feature that brings a sidebar to buy instantly.
3. A rewards program with social media benefits to the consumer when they follow us or refer friends
4. Age verification
5. Starter Packs with the ability to choose 2/3/4/5 different brands at once and pick which flavor from each brand with a slick sidebar

Thank you,

Posted On: September 15, 2021 02:00 UTC
Category: Front-End Development
Skills:Web Design, Shopify, WordPress, NationBuilder, HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, Website Development, Ecommerce Platform Development, Liquid, eCommerce Website, Adobe XD, Landing Page, Website Design, eCommerce

Country: United States

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