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I require a CMS that will display user generated content uploaded through an API.

1. CMS should include an admin panel with the following features:
a. Create and edit templates to display user uploaded content
b. Ability to filter endusers based on IP address (manually added / updated through API)
c. Create and edit individual content pages
d. Ability to create and delete user accounts

2. CMS should include a client panel with the following rights:
a. Create and edit individual content pages which belong to them in multiple languages
b. Display web traffic statistics for their content pages

3. Endusers site content should be responsive and visually appealing on mobile devices and:
a. Display content in preferred language based on user preference

4. Content pages should be generated using data sent to the API:
a. This will include image, text based descriptions, and audio files
b. API should be secure and only accept requests from registered users

5. Additional Information:
a. CMS should be compatible with a CDN
b. CMS should include a feature to track users IP address and relay it using an API

To start with, I would like one base template that I will supply once a contract is finalized to be used for all content posted.

Milestones will be discussed in the interview phase.

More details will be provided in the interview phase.

My timeline for completion of this project is 1-2 weeks.

Budget: $2,000

Posted On: September 16, 2021 21:58 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:API, Website, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python, CSS, HTML, Analytics, Social Media

Country: United States

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