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Looking for an experienced developer that has previously installed stripe connect on an online marketplace in the past.

Right now I am looking to do Stripe Connect Express with destination charges or potentially Stripe Connect Custom, but I would like to hear your opinion on what I should use to fit my business model. See my business model below.

My company allows sellers to post products on our platform. At checkout my company will add on a convenience fee depending on the cart total. After the purchase, I need 100% of the sellers profits to be sent to the sellers stripe account and the convenience fee sent to our platforms account and the stripe fee would be deducted from our platforms profits.

The fee is a % of the cart total. See example below:

Example: Cart total is $11 then convenience fee is 10% ($1.10 fee). Total checkout for customer  = $12.10. The school would get $11 and my company would get $1.10.

Example 2: Cart total is $57 then the convenience fee is 9% ($5.13 fee). Total checkout for customer = $62.13. The school would get $57 and my company would get $5.13.

I have not been able to determine how to make this cart total % fee work with stripe connect. My competitor currently does the same model but does 4.5% of cart total and $1 per product and is using connect express.

Please explain to me how you will make this work on stripe connect. If you are the right person for the job then I will hire you after my current developer are finished with the website which should be very soon.

Send previous projects with stripe connect.

Hourly Range: $10.00-$25.00

Posted On: September 16, 2021 22:00 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Laravel, eCommerce Website, Stripe, API, Payment Gateway Integration, Payment Processing

Country: United States

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