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I am looking for a developer who can work alongside me. The obvious requirement is that you must be able to complete most front end developer tasks.

What is more important for me is to have someone that can code alongside me. Someone who can challenge me in a healthy way, but not try to overpower me. Someone who is willing to take on difficult tasks, but also admit when they do not know something. You must be able to always follow my lead and trust me that I will allow you space to grow.

The person must be passionate about coding, but not for coding sake, but rather passionate to use all tools in the toolbox to create the right solution.

Are you that programming buddy / Front End Architect I am looking for?

Try to impress me with being a nice person and not with how many lines of code you can pump out. I am also looking for someone who can start slowly with me and then finish the long marathon ahead no matter how long it takes.

Hourly Range: $13.00-$30.00

Posted On: September 16, 2021 20:24 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Design, API, Website Development, Web Application, Browser Extension, Chrome Extension, Responsive Design, UX/UI, WordPress Plugin, Angular, AngularJS, React, Redux, WordPress, Scrapy, TypeScript, Very Small (1-9 employees), Small (10-99 employees), JavaScript

Country: Switzerland

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