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Project Details
I provide spreadsheet with rows of data on nonprofits. I need comprehensive and accurate information on each nonprofit in each row of the spreadsheet. You will research each nonprofit and send back to me a revised spreadsheet with updated, corrected, and completed information.

Spreadsheet has the following fields
• Name
• Main Address
• Email
• Website
• Phone Number
• Accepts Unsolicited Requests
• Total Assets
• Total Giving

Possible databases to use:
• Guidestar
• Charity Navigator
• Open990
• Foundation Center

Some databases will require you to create a free account. All information is freely provided.

You will perform the following tasks
1. Search database(s) for organization info. I recommend using the EIN of the organization to search. If that doesn’t work, use the name instead.
2. Split Main Address into the following fields.
a. Street Address Line 1
b. Street Address Line 2
c. City
d. State
e. Zip Code
f. Country
3. Update Name, Email, Website, and Phone Numbers, Total Assets, and Total Giving fields with results from search.
a. Search Google for the organization’s website, phone number, and email address as necessary. Make every effort to get this information.

Spreadsheet with the following fields as a result of your research
• Name
• Street Address Line 1
• Street Address Line 2
• City
• State
• Zip Code
• Country
• Email
• Website
• Phone Number
• Accepts Unsolicited Requests
• Total Assets
• Total Giving

The records must be 100% accurate, no mistakes, and will be verified upon completion by my team. Your ability to complete additional work for me will be contingent on how accurate the information is that you collect.

Budget: $50

Posted On: September 16, 2021 19:17 UTC
Category: Virtual/Administrative Assistance
Skills:Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Internet Research, Microsoft Excel

Country: United States

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