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I am looking for a professional Freelance/Agency who can develop a simple visual programming platform for python language.

Here is some brief overview of the platform:

We want to develop a Simple Visual Programming System where users who don’t know coding or don’t have technical expertise in python shall be able to create a python program with available recourses by just connecting different icons. Users should be able to connect different pieces of python codes by connecting different icons. Each icon shall be having a python code. Users shall be able to integrate different icons in a work space as a frontend and make a complete program as a backend. In this way, a non technical person shall be able to create/use different programs by connection of different icons in the workspace. At the end, user shall be able to run this program with the flow set by the user and get the output of python program.

Preferred frameworks are Django and React but I am open for your suggestions. Please write a brief summery of how you will be taking on this project and what will be your approach.

Budget: $2,000

Posted On: September 16, 2021 20:06 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:Database, Python Script, Git, PyTorch, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, pandas, RESTful, MySQL, SQLite, Python, Django, RESTful API, JavaScript, Web Application, Website Development, Web Programming, API, Machine Learning

Country: Pakistan

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