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Looking for a full stack developer that is well versed and experienced in complex website development and coding. Website is a small business solution experience. It includes several aspects and utilities that need to synchronize with each other in order to provide small businesses a more cohesive large fortune 500 company feel/function.

There are many subsections to be addressed including  
1) registration of user
2) user admin page of user
3) employee page
4) overall website admin page to be able to control user admin page.  

Functions/applications within the website include but are not limited to
1) simple but powerful accounting page
2) simple but powerful inventory page (to be compatible with commercial bar code readers apps on the phone for quick inventory tracking or addition)/ will include products, services, and parts.
3) payroll tracking and possibly autopay
4) employee setting for options to be chosen by employee
5) user/employee email system
6) HR solutions including onboarding/ continuing education/ tracking of benefits/ tracking of retirement benefits offered by the user company/ grievances/ perks afforded to employee/ Tax reports including w2 and 1040
7) employee attendance tracking including digital punch in/ punch out and tracking of attendance/ hours worked/ vacation days/ sick days/ personal days/ FMLA
8) Company prices for product or service
9) Employee info page. Read and write for company admin for read only for employee
10) Company directory
11) Customer base directory
12) Metrics for job service performance/ products sold

Mentioned above are just main points. Would not be opposed to buying already made code for larger sections and changing  what we need to for time and complexity sake. Looking for someone with a lot of experience that can finish efficiently and without major problems. Someone dependable, reliable, competent, and hungry with a sense of as much urgency as honesty and wanting to do a superb job as we have plans of scaling it up in the near future.
This is a project aimed at small businesses which encompass 80 percent of all businesses in America which encompass over 70% of the GDP produced by nationally so the pool of potential clients is large. The main focus is to give, to the best of our capacity, the tools that large corporations have and make it available to small businesses typically employing less that 100 people although we can scale it up as needed.  
Looking for someone that will code with the following traits
1) code cleanly as others could also be working on it in the future
2) code well documented and organized for future coding
3) able to code in more advanced languages such as but not limited to python, C++, javascript along with HTML, CSS, php
4) must be well versed in database functions such as MySQL or equivalent
5) must know SEO
6) must have experience in photoshop or equivalent programs
7) website must be responsive

Thanks for your interest, please let me know if you are interested and please send me your best sample work for review.

Budget: $2,000

Posted On: September 16, 2021 20:00 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Design, Website Development, Graphic Design, HTML, JavaScript, CSS

Country: United States

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