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What happened if both the transactions are taken simultaneously by the miners?
Point 1) Suppose two different miners will pick both transactions at the same time and start creating a block. Now, when the block is confirmed, both Alice and Bob will wait for confirmation on their transaction. Whichever transaction first got confirmations will be validated first, and another transaction will be pulled out from the network.

Point 2) Now suppose if both Alice and Bob received the first confirmation at the same time, then there is a race will be started between Alice and Bob. So, whichever transaction gets the maximum number of confirmations from the network will be included in the blockchain, and the other one will be discarded.

That is that theory for double spending method. I want a tool which can do Point 2 with a twist of features. This can be discuss only one message not in public post. Please only message me if you are familiar with that.

Budget: $250

Posted On: September 29, 2021 07:47 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Node.js, React, MongoDB, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Python, Backend Rest API, Consulting, Auditing, DevOps, Web Application, Ethereum

Country: India

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