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I am looking for a web developer who can help us with some mathematical formulas on our website.

We have a macro calculator which generates the daily total carbs, protein and fats that a user is allowed to consume based on their fitness goals. The daily amounts are then divided as equally as possible between meals:

• 4 meals, 3 snacks if the user wants to Gain Muscle
• 3 meals, 3 snacks if the user has any other goal (Lose 10%, Lose 20%, Improve Fitness)

The user then chooses their preferred carbs, protein and fats for each meal. All of this works perfectly.

The issue that we have is that, in order to keep within their daily limits, we need a calculation or formula that gets them as close to their limits as possible while incorporating the macro values of all the food items in their meals.

For example, a carbohydrate may also have some protein and some fat in it. In this instance, when adding the daily values up for the user, a carb may also contribute to the protein and fat totals.

We cannot seem to find a calculation that accurately calculates carbs, protein and fats for all of the food items chosen by the user, which then generates the correct food amounts within the daily limits, and tell them accurately how many they have used and how many they have left.

We have been working with a developer who has done a great job up until this point and we just need additional assistance for this final hurdle.

I have attached a few screenshots showing examples of the backend, the values generated by our macro calculator and what our ‘See Your Quantities’ page looks like. As you can see, the values are incorrect and do not add up properly compared to the total daily allowances.

We just need the carbs, proteins and fats to all add up correctly throughout the whole day, for each user and their individual needs, while not exceeding the daily total amounts set by the macro calculator. They should be very close but not exceed the amounts.

If you think you can help, we would love to hear from you!

**Please note; budget and delivery time set below are advisable and can be discussed**

Thank you,

Dan – BodyPrime

Budget: $677

Posted On: September 29, 2021 07:57 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:Mathematics, PHP, Equations, MySQL, JavaScript, WordPress, jQuery, Nutrition

Country: United Kingdom

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