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We have a website which is built in Shopify with a customized theme.

We have a number of products however most of our sales comes from Kits which is made up from several individual products.

Currently we list these Kits as a Product, however the issue with this is we need to attach a inventory quantity to it and when we sell a kit, we need to manually update the individual inventory quantities.

We are looking for:
-Bundles/Kits plugin which will group together a number of products (e.g 4 x ProductA + 1 X ProductB + 3ProductC) and sell them at a fixed rate.
-Additional photos/images must be allowed to be uploaded to these Bundles
-The bundles/kits will be displayed on our website in their own Products/collection page
-Bundles/Kits can be promoted on individual product pages under "You may also like" or similar to let buyers know we have kits.
-Individual Product inventory quantities MUST be updated if a bundle is purchased.
-Cost and Profit of each Kit will be displayed based on the accumulative products costs and Sale price of the Kit.
-If any individual product inventory level is below the quantity to make up a Kit/Bundle, the Kit will still display but say out of stock.

I would ideally like a solution that doesn’t know have a subscription and will to pay slightly more for this, however not opposed to an off the shelf solution with a subscription.

Also open to other suggestions.

Budget: $100

Posted On: September 29, 2021 06:56 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Shopify, Shopify Templates

Country: Australia

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