Graphic Language, Inc.: DevOps/Reliability Engineer

Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area


DevOps/Reliability Engineer (100% Remote)
Job type: Full-Time
Experience level: Mid-Level
We teleconference regularly, and Slack almost constantly, so we need someone with proficiency in written and verbal English. You’ll need to be good at collaborating with teammates, and working with developers as well as clients to discover solutions to their needs. We are looking for someone with experience managing cloud-based resources for a team that commits code multiple times per day across multiple projects. Successful applicants will be asked to show proof that they can legally work in the US.

You will be working with a cross-functional team of designers, frontend, and backend developers to support device-independent websites and web apps. 
You will work on server maintenance, DevOps, process improvements, and get to dabble in financial reporting and forecasting.
You will own site performance and reliability, including building, configuring, and monitoring infrastructure, and modifying web applications.
You will also be modernizing the current cloud infrastructure: working with multiple AWS accounts, seamlessly migrating clients away from shared infrastructure, implementing scaling where required, and managing cost and capacity.
You’ll learn and investigate new technologies and techniques, and teach teammates new stuff you’re excited about.
You will need to document your work and keep fairly meticulous records, and we regularly learn and teach each other from this documentation.


Expertise with Cloud Computing architecture (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
Expertise creating, maintaining, and testing Backup/Recovery systems for web servers and databases
Proficiency managing and maintaining Linux/BSD Servers
Proficiency with queueing systems
Proficiency with Terraform, Ansible, Cloud Formation, or other IaC/PaC system
Proficiency building/managing DevOps pipelines (CI, CD)
Experience with PHP (especially Laravel), composer, and related ecosystems


A love of logging and auditing systems
Experience with Event-Driven architecture
Agile expertise (Scrum or Kanban certifications a plus)
Advanced Git usage (including PRs, rebasing, and trunk-based development)
Familiarity with agile coding/management best practices (SOLID, SMART, DRY; all the great acronyms)
Experience with ELK/Elastic Stack, Fluentd, Grafana, or other integrated log/data/viz ecosystems
Experience with provisioning systems like Salt, Puppet, Chef, or Ansible
Experience managing AWS Multi-Account Strategy is a big plus

Graphic Language is a distributed 100% remote team of developers and marketers, with a large stable of satisfied clients. We create interactive designs, online marketing, and web applications for the real estate industry. We have 20+ years in business and all the energy of a start-up, but without the uncertainty.
When applying please include relevant experience and salary requirements.

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