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Hello everyone and thanks for your interest in this task.



We are fabric sellers with HQ located in Turkey and work with 25 stores. Every day we do inventory transactions between HQ and Stores, or between Stores and Stores.

Types of store transactions (ST):
– X amount of products arriving at stores Y
– X amount of products dispatched from stores Y
– movement of item X from store Y to stores Z

This transaction is then created as a task for the involved stores that can be updated by Store Managers once it’s been completed/fulfilled.

For example:
If we want to move 5 items X from Store 1 to Stores (2….25) the current system would create 5 (items) x 25 (stores) = 125 transactions to execute

Store 1 would create 5 ‘tasks’ (1 for each item) in the dashboard of the Stores 2 to 25 with the order to be executed.

Store Managers execute the inventory transaction task and then update the status to Done.
Store 1 will be notified through Whatsapp and on the dashboard.
HQ will be notified through Whatsapp and on the dashboard.



We are looking for a full-stack developer who can help us create the solution to automate the process as indicated in the attached file.

– Create an ST (auth users) and input information into it
– Choose which Stores to send the ST to
– Preview ST before sending
– Once ST is sent:
a) Whatsapp to concerned store managers
b) Appears on the dashboard of concerned store managers
– Store Managers execute the ST
– Store Managers update status
– System notifies through Whatsapp concerned users
– HQ system is updated and concerned users dashboard

Deliverable time: 3 days

The rate placed is an estimate but we are open to see your proposals/prior experience.
Hope everything is clear. If you have any doubt do not hesitate to contact me.


Budget: $198

Posted On: October 14, 2021 13:16 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Web Application, API Integration, Custom PHP, Database Development, Angular, AngularJS, .NET Framework, Bootstrap, Amazon Web Services, SaaS, Django, Node.js, Amazon Aurora, Oracle Database, Oracle NoSQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, CSS, Java, HTML, JavaScript, PHP

Country: Peru

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