Circle: Senior Software Engineer (Growth)

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY


We’re looking for a full-stack Senior Software Engineer (Rails/React) to work on growth-focused projects such as optimizing flows/conversion analytics, in-product viral loops, referral programs, and A/B experiments inside our core product.


Work on Circle’s growth-focused roadmap inside our core product
Ship often and ship with care
Improve the quality of our codebase and identify architectural deficiencies in your product area
Engage in considerate, but robust, PR reviews with Circle’s engineers
Work closely with Circle’s co-founders and designers throughout the feature spec + design process

Who we’re looking for

Significant experience working with Ruby on Rails and general familiarity with React
Experience working with complex user interfaces and API design
Strong judgement and attention to detail when it comes to architectural, product, design, and process decisions. Your judgement should inspire a high level of trust within the team.
A desire to work in an environment which values speed of iteration and individual autonomy
(Ideal) 1-2 years of experience working on growth-focused projects

To apply:

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