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We are looking for a backend Python developer for a long-term ongoing project in the cryptocurrency world
We will start with a task to evaluate – which may lead to a long term opportunity.
If you are interested in a longer term project like this one, please make a proposal in which you quote an offer for the task described below as well as your desired hourly rate for ongoing work after this task will be completed.

Task description:
Write a python program that integrates with TrustWallet’s git repository (an open-source cryptocurrency wallet), scrape it for the information that it holds, and store it in MySQL.

Task details:
– You will need to clone this repo:
– In this task you will need to scrape all `blockchains` with their associated assets (coins):
– Inside the `blockchains` directory there’s a directory per blockchain, and each such directory includes an `assets` (coins) folder which contains data about a specific coin.

Example: Ethereum (blockchain) has many coins (assets) listed here
Each folder is an identifier of a coin that belongs to Ethereum, and within it is an info.json file that contains all the information about that specific coin – this is needed to be scraped

– The scraped data will be stored in a MySQL database (credentials will be provided upon acceptance of quote),
A single table should be enough, with these columns:
– From the directory name: “Blockchain Name” (e.g. Ethereum)
– From the info.json nested files: all the simple fields (Name, website, description, explorer, type, symbol, decimals, status, id (a.k.a smartcontract_address))
One of the fields is of complex type: links. It should be extracted into separate fields (e.g. twitter_url, discord_url, reddit_url, … )

The application input will be provided by environment variables (e.g. mysql server credentials)

The deliverable: private github repository, with a short on how to run it. Upon run, the mysql database will be filled with the data as described above

What I put emphasis on
– Minimal code is preferred: prefer to use existing open-source libraries and frameworks
– Write well designed & maintainble code (good naming conventions, etc.)
– Attention to details

I encourage you to ask any question that will help clarify the task, or any other question you might have for me.
Thank you.

Budget: $50

Posted On: November 03, 2021 09:27 UTC
Category: Back-End Development
Skills:Docker, Python, API, MySQL, API Integration, Database

Country: Israel

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