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I am an electronics engineer and I have designed a new IOT device for the consumer electronics market. I am not so experienced with firmware so I am looking for someone to program my design into an operational prototype state.

I currently have the PCB design which is ready for fabrication and assembly. I will be happy to send it to you to simplify the process, once it is complete.

I wish for the compute aspect of the design to incorporate the newly announced ESP32-H2 as it utilises the new thread protocol, more here:
This is the foundational building block of this project.

If you believe you have the experience or knowledge based on the above, I’d love to have a chat to get to know you!


Budget: $5,000

Posted On: November 03, 2021 10:54 UTC
Category: Electronic Engineering
Skills:IoT Solutions Design, nRF52, Prototyping

Country: Australia

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