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We need to develop website and apps for finding contractors based on their GPS location. I as a user post a job in a selected category, add job description, my location, projected time to start job. Contractors can apply for that job. Users can contact contractors via in-app messaging.
Contractors can set radius around their location they are willing to drive to clients location, like 10km, 15km etc.
Similar to Tinder, users and contractors see each other if they are in close enough distance. This distance is set by contractors. Contractors also can set their price range and users can see this range.
Need to implement subscriptions for contractors, different price levels for subscriptions, based on contractors category, like electrician 20EUR/month, carpenters 25eur/month etc.
Calendar with available time slots for contractor, also contractors can set time he have worked for client.
Contractors rating.

Project will be multilingual, in start- 4 languages, we will provide translations.
For beginning we would like to have just website, apps in future.

Budget: $4,000

Posted On: November 03, 2021 07:57 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:Website, Web Application

Country: Latvia

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