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The site uses Expression Engine 2.9, the Transcribe plugin, and is available 8 languages  The News section, which consists of a main listing page and individual article pages, is only available in English.  

We would like to enable the main News listing pages for all languages.  Because some of the articles will be translated and some will not, these main listing pages need to show either the translated article entry or, if no translation exists, the English article entry.

– Modify the News template so that if a translated article is not available then the English entry is displayed.  The page should not simultaneously show the translated version and the English version of the article.  

– Ensure that if a user is viewing a non-English main News listing page and they select an English article, then the site will switch languages and show the full page English article.  

– Modify the global variable for the navigation bar so that when the user views the individual article pages the Language switcher drop down is hidden.  This will prevent the user from navigating to an untranslated article page.

Posted On: November 05, 2021 01:45 UTC
Category: CMS Development
Skills:ExpressionEngine, PHP, JavaScript

Country: United States

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