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I need a site build that sells subscriptions to PaaS software (our one product).  My site will link to my developer’s site after the customer registers and puts in their credit card details. They get a 30-day free trial, and then Stripe will charge the card on the 28th day unless the customer cancels.  We will have multiple dicing tiers based on the length of the contract and the options chosen.

My sales site will be linked to the developer’s site by APIs, and the calls would be:
(1). From my site to the developer, when we get a new user (sent immediately)
(2) From my site to the developer when a client quits, or payment has not been made (available from Stripe) (sent once a day)
(3) Upgrades to extra option when purchased and paid for (sent immediate)
(4). From my site to the developer as to the users registered.

All other information will be kept on my website in a database that is updated through stripe data.  The customer number used for Stripe will be the customer number sent to the developer site and for internal use.

At any time, I will need to access and download CSV current users (free trial and paid [basic package, length of the contract, etc.]), users who have quit, and info on abandoned carts).

I have the APIs for the calls between the developer’s site, between my site and Stripe should be provided by Stripe, and I have a VPS server set up on GoDaddy and an active Stripe account.

The only difficult part will be that we first need to make the whole site in English and then switch it to Japanese and set Stripe to Japanese.  I have all of the materials in both languages prepared (however, at no time will the purchase site be available in English).


Budget: $600

Posted On: November 05, 2021 00:30 UTC
Category: Ecommerce Development
Skills:Web Design, Design Enhancement, Website Customization, Stripe, Web Programming, API, API Integration

Country: Japan

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