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My name is Vickie and I’m a student of Joe McCall he has referred me to you, and I thankful for that. I need two websites, but until I can find a real estate website to copy, I’m requesting your help on the overages website that I’m not happy with. This website is masked in GoDaddy with another outside source the domain is in Google is shows up as not secure. Would you please copy the information from this site and leave out the title page Questions, and insert a FAQ I have included that in the uploads along with the colors, and the logo. Please choose three of the colors that I’ve included except the purple is what I would like to put inside of my letterheads. Would you please give me a header extending across the page saying, ROYALTY ESTATES-RICHMOND REAL ESTATE ENTERPRISES, Foreclosure Overages Specialist somewhere underneath the 1st title, and the phone numbers are: Phone (951) 665-8903 Text (833) 363-1522 Fax (951) 765-6331          

Posted On: November 07, 2021 20:32 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Adobe Photoshop, Twitter Bootstrap, WordPress, Joomla, PSD to WordPress, Web Design, CodeIgniter, PHP, Node.js, AngularJS, Landing Page, Graphic Design

Country: United States

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