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I am in the search of a well-rounded developer with a multitude of skills or a small team that can work together and assist me in the development of a tool to be used in the oil and gas sector.  I’ve got a pretty good grasp on what I want it to do, now I need help to get it out of my head and into a working proof of concept.

What I think I am looking for is a web application with a centralized database that later will include a mobile interface to it.  I am most concerned with the web application first as it’s what will be designed around my job role to assist me in performing my daily duties.  The core tracking tool used for my job role is an Excel spreadsheet and it get’s rather large and convoluted as the job progresses and it’s hard to share with other users that need the information.

Some of the core requirements will be:
• Ability to import Excel files in various formats and pattern match them with existing data and prompt the user with their options on how to handle the discrepancies
• Export to various file formats and download, make available for download or email the output
• Maintain different levels of users and security within the system.  This can include internal and external users of the system
• Ability to drag and drop mostly PDF files and have them sorted into the system
• Ability to create and manage various dashboards for project metrics
• Ability to make groups of files/attachments available to end users
• Ability to integrate into 3rd party API’s when available

What I am not concerned about right now:
• The overall aesthetic or user interface/experience
• The mobile application

A few details about my job:
• When I start a new project I am given multiple master “lists” from the client that are the starting point to the master lists I have to maintain internally.  The client delivered data is never in the same or consistent format from project to project, or client to client.  Even during the course of the same project file formats will change.
• I am also delivered hundreds to thousands of documents related to all the information in those spreadsheets that need to be associated with each other and made available to other people working on the project
• As the project progresses I am given updated spreadsheets from the client that can be a subset or a whole new copy that I have to manually go through an look for changes.
• Over the course of the project some of the support documents that associated get renewed or updated and files need to be updated and archived, system tracking updated and redeployed to the field.
• Every day there are batches of new files that come in outside of what the client provided that are generated within the project that need to be tracked in my spreadsheet.
• There is a lot of manual adjustments to the tracking spreadsheets that could be done on the fly with end users being able to update some of their own records.

My preference for a tool like this would be in PHP and MySQL or similar technologies.  I am not interested in the licensing fees around Microsoft or other major paid vendors unless it’s absolutely necessary.  This project is being funded by myself at the moment until we have a viable proof of concept and then I’ll look at bring in some additional supports and source funding for future development.  I’d like to find someone that will be with me from the beginning and be a part of a positive change in how the software will impact the oil and gas sector.

I am open to offers and suggestions on how we should proceed together to bring this project to life, please send over any questions you may have.  I will reply to responses that show genuine interest only and will engage several people/groups before a final decision is made.  I would like to have a plan in place in the next two weeks if practical and make the final decision then.  Fluent English will be a requirement, I work 80+ hours a week at this job and really require someone that can communicate with me effectively to reduce my time explaining things due to a language barrier.

Posted On: November 07, 2021 17:41 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Database Design, API Integration, Custom PHP, Database Development, Web Application, MySQL, PHP, MySQL Programming, Database Architecture, API

Country: Canada

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