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We are looking to create a redesign of a website for a current small niche website. We are wanting this site to be created on WordPress so we have more control over adding pages, making changes, or adding features. The current site is hardcoded and we rely on our current developer for any and all changes.

The current site has a CMS that will need to be redesigned and built in WordPress. Our site relies heavily on user-generated content and we need a process to ingest that content and showcase it to the end-user.

Our position in the market is a publisher so we need features to monetize our site through Ad networks and other features like alerts, data, notifications, etc. The Ads and other features need to fit into the design seamlessly. It’s very important this site feels and works like a modern-day site and not something from the early 2000s.

The site needs to be able to accept payments potentially. We want a payment process to be a part of the back end to leave our options open when it comes to revenue sources.

Important features
-The content submission is keyword-rich so it will trigger search engine results and rank highly on the page results. The page URL structure is aimed at SEO reach. (SEO)
-Collecting leads is important for our business. We want to make sure we create a lot of opportunities to collect leads. (SMS&Email)
-email and text message alert capabilities
-Current site is not as content-rich as we would like this one. we want adding content to our site to be easy and repeatable. For example, an advertiser or influencer adds a piece of content to the site.
-The site needs to be able to be replicated to a subdomain for our sister site of a very similar niche.
-The site needs to be responsive for mobile visitors.
-Site will host banner ads through ad networks
-Ability to search, sort, and filter the content

In conclusion, we are looking for a fluid, comfortable, and easy site for our small niche community to use for uploading, viewing, and sharing content while having advertisers and other opportunities to generate revenue.

Budget: $2,800

Posted On: November 07, 2021 17:51 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Website, WooCommerce, Google AdSense Plugin, Clickbank WordPress Plugin, Craft CMS, Blogger, Website Redesign, Responsive Design, SEO, Elementor, Web Design, WordPress, User Flows, Mockup, Graphic Design

Country: United States

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