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I am looking for an individual to help me set up a business website.

Personality qualifications:
I want someone I can rely on for deadlines and am looking for an individual that I can build a business relationship with since I might have more jobs later down the road. I would prefer having one person I can go to as opposed to having someone new every time. I am very honest, humble, and hard working and I want to work with a similar individual.  

Skills qualification:
Experience in website design/creation
Fluent in English
Excel knowledge (not necessary for this job)
Advertising / Google Ads knowledge (not necessary for this job)

About my business:
I am an e-commerce second hand luxury clothing shop so I am looking for someone who can
1-Build my website from scratch.
2-Set up my website in a way that I can post my items available for sale, and process payment from clients once they purchase.
3-Send order confirmations to clients once they purchase an item and receipt.

I want my website to look simple and clean, I like neutral colors, and want my website to give a vibe that my items are of good quality and luxurious.

Sections I want for my website: Home, Shop, Contact Us

I will be available for any questions over email,  I can send pictures and other information to help build the website.

Budget: $100

Posted On: November 07, 2021 18:56 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:Web Design, WordPress, Wix, eCommerce Website

Country: Canada

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