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We are looking for someone that can help us to bring our ideas to life.

We have a platform that gives women the chance to hold live classes and make a living for their families.

A mother can easily teach on our platform and we give her the help and assistance she needs in order to create her courses.

We need a section on our Shopify platform for people to basically sign up and register and then have access to Forms that need to be filled out.

Then we need a section where they can basically ask for approval of a course and where they can contact our Virtual assistant that will help them to create the course.

We also need a part where they can schedule a zoom meeting and where they can share the zoom dates so people can basically sign up for their courses that will be showing on the front side of the gallery. The classes will be held live on zoom. So we also need maybe a calendar migrated where people can book classes with one particular course giver.

So main thing:

– Access to backend form where people can sign up and become tutors and teachers, they need to submit papers as their IDs, their address and previous experience may be a CV also and phone number so we can reach out to them.
– Zoom migration, the classes should be held on our plattform on zoom.
– Calendar migration to book with the client a session

Send us please your cv and let us know if you can do the job.

Budget: $200

Posted On: November 07, 2021 20:38 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Laravel, React Native, PHP, Doctrine ORM, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, CodeIgniter, HTML5, CSS 3

Country: United Arab Emirates

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