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Technical Specifications in a nutshell


AV is launching an operation which entails entering in distribution agreements with various producers of natural products spearheaded by a plant-based meats. The very first distribution agreement will encompass a total of 20 SKUs (and growing) to be sold online through a new, white labeled brand under AV. The intent is to reach 25 distribution agreements by the end of 2022, totalling in hundreds, perhaps thousands of SKUs scattered around 25 new branded websites.


To have a centralized inventory where AV can control the distribution from and synchronize. As well as to provide customers with front-facing sub-brand websites (e.g. child websites) where they can shop for products. For example, if the overall quantity of Product A is 10 units, by purchasing this product on the child website, the quantity would automatically sync with the parent website to display 9 units left.

Main Goal

Centralization of content and Scalability are the two key components of this entire effort. This is to be achieved by utilizing existing WordPress/Woocommerce solutions that may, and will probably require custom tweaking or additions, outlined in detail in the full functional specifications document.

The main goal is to produce (via mostly existing solutions) the above functionality for the parent website in the form of a master catalog/product management page, along with a plugin that when installed on a child instance, will automatically connect to the parent database where product management will occur.

Parent website – Main function

The parent acts as a relatively simple informational website as well as a library/catalog of various products which are distributed among its child websites. All product attributes like price, availability, photos, descriptions, tags, etc… will be identical upon creation & synchronization, that is unless stated otherwise in the AV product management/distribution page, where an admin can change a single or several attributes to be different on the child instance or on the parent catalog. (Price difference, quantities and other variables)

The centralized inventory, managed from the parent website, will have to know how to communicate with the 3pL in order to update statuses and quantities, as well as provide logistics/financial reporting.

Child websites – Main function

Any website that installs and activates the plugin which connects to the centralized database via API will automatically inherit the settings defined on the parent website for that particular instance. These settings include: Which products to display on child product page and what attributes differ from the parent (if any).


From a timeline perspective, we are looking at a development time of up to 45 business days and 10 additional days for QA & Bug fixing. Therefore we are exploring creative turn-key solutions (paid services) in order to attain our goals within this timeframe.
The functional specification documents goes into further detail on requirements which will undoubtedly add to development time. Creativity and ability to find the right existing solutions for this project is key.


We intend on maintaining a working relationship with the contractor(s) responsible for bringing this project to fruition within the specified time-frame. This will be determined by factors like availability, communication, self-management, creativity, problem solving and adherence to pre-defined milestone deadlines.


* The parent instance of the website already exists and is hosted on AWS.
* We are utilizing Elementor for the content pages but are not tied to it for product pages if it creates any issues with scalability
* Agencies may also apply for this project
* We are looking to start right away
* If you bid, please provide a breakdown of your approach, if considered, expect an NDA to be signed in order to view the full project specifications.

Budget: $22,000

Posted On: November 12, 2021 23:17 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:Database Architecture, API Integration, eCommerce Website, WordPress Plugin, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Web Programming, API

Country: Canada

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