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We are a holding company. Within our holding company we have 3 separate ecommerce companies each with their own xero account (3 unique Xero accounts).

Each company uses  Xero and Shopify (Each Stripe and Paypal).

So far we only look at monthly Profit and Loss but we want to start looking at Cash flow statements across the companies.

Currently we are manually getting VAs to export the Xero CSVs and then getting the VAs to manually input data into Google Sheets which is very slow and prone to errors. The reason for this is because we have multiple Xero accounts and we need to bring all the data together combined into a google sheet.

It is taking us up to 2 weeks in time to view the previous month PNL which is unnaceptable. We want to ideally have the PNL for the previous month ready to view after 4 – 5 days. We also want to be able to analyse the cashflow of all 3 combined Xero accounts on the google sheet too.

Our bookeeper also has a very innefecient way of doing the bookeeping.

So we are basically looking for an accountant who can consult for us and show us any tools/apps/APIs to improve our workflows/speed and show us how we can bring cash flow analysis onto the google sheets as well.

We are looking for a total overhaul of the way we do monthly PNL and cashflow reporting in our googlesheet.

Posted On: November 12, 2021 23:30 UTC
Category: Accounting
Skills:Xero, Shopify

Country: Australia

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