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An amazing opportunity for an experienced and entrepreneurial web developer!

Based on either Shopify, a similar e-commerce platform OR developed using a developers own platform choice, JUSTbCAUSE needs to create, test and launch two new websites for our utterly unique brand. JUSTbCAUSE is an operating unit of Promotions & Partners, a boutique marketing firm located in Plano, Texas. The main emphasis of JUSTbCAUSE is an individual’s creativity. We will be accepting drawings, headline copy, graphics and virtually anything unique that can be screened or printed on t-shirts, ball caps, golf towels, umbrellas, etc. The beauty of our site is we’ll always have access to talent and will never lack for innovative ideas! With over 500,000 products available to us, extremely creative representations of the products mentioned above stand to make a large amount of money for the creator, and of course for JUSTbCAUSE. The proposed website needs to be attractive, fully functional and different as that is what we are positioning JUSTbCAUSE as. We call JUSTbCAUSE our “Creative Closet” for “closet creative’s” and where customers will be able to find everything from t-shirts featuring political humor to religious items, children’s centric items to adult humor. Our guidelines are that all submissions must pass muster with our seasoned team, must be able to be printed or screened onto apparel and other items and cannot promote violence, abuse, contain foul language, etc.

We are willing to offer a potential web developer a percentage of profit for 24 months in return for building the two websites. Website number one will incorporate what I’ve described above (we’ll provide several examples) and a link to a remarkably simple second website that solely focuses on COVID19 wearables highlighting creative approaches to promoting vaccinations. JUSTbCAUSE owns the rights to the national spokesfigure, the “Vaxxinater”, of which we will provide an image of with whom we collaborate. We have our lead agency and its’ 26-year, stellar reputation on-the-line, JUSTbCAUSE will not fail and stands to make a web developer significantly more income that what would be considered normal and customary for e-commerce websites.

Interested? Please contact me with any questions, concerns or offers you may have!

Posted On: November 12, 2021 23:18 UTC
Category: Web Design
Skills:WooCommerce, Prototype, Website, Email Template Design, Mobile App Design, Visual Communication, Responsive Design, Adobe Illustrator, Shopify, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Weebly, JavaScript, HTML5, Startup Company, Business with 1-9 Employees, Web Design, WordPress, Graphic Design, Web Programming, Adobe Photoshop, Data Entry, HTML, Content Writing

Country: United States

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