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Are you ready to go the extra mile for a startup that helps improve the life of small farmers?

We are launching mylagro in Spain and want to make a splash with some exciting advertising videos in Spanish! there are in total 10 advertising videos(you tube and video ads) + 1 re editing of a an existing animated corporate video for our website.


About the 10 complete new videos=5 animated videos (Storyboard, scripts and voice audio recordings provided) + 5 Live recording videos (Some static story board provided and video recordings provided).

A quick turn around is needed, so my selection criteria are: 1) choosing a a freelancer or agency that can express my brand compellingly, 2) Quick turnaround (able to dedicate to this) & 3) Cost


10 Finalized videos ready for publishing as you tube and google online ads
1 Re-edited corporate animated video. We need to incorporate new voice audio
11 Compressed versions for sending in whatsapp and other messaging platforms
Original source files for future re-editing


Some research and preparation about our company, our brand and competitors. We can provide the corresponding information and links once we start working together.

Animated Videos: Develop full animation based on brand guidelines, provided script, provided storyboard and audio recordings. Audio recordings will be studio grade. Develop appropriate transitions, opening and closing scenes too. Chose great music!

Live Videos: Full production based on brand guidelines, provided script and provided video recordings. The video recordings will need some work to adjust light, filters, etc, as they are filmed outdoors. The the audio quality needs special attention as we had issues with our microphone setup. There are some opening and closing ausio only lines (professional speaker audio recordings provided) that will require either some animation or transitions with images and graphics.  Chose great music!

Below the complete list of videos and I attach the descriptions and scripts in Spanish if you need to estimate the workload, Also I made a rough translation to English if you want to understand the scripts.

Videos list
1 Corporate Animated video (Only change voice, recording studio grade provided)
2 Ad Videos for farmers with animation
   2.1 Curious farmer video
   2.2 Skeptical farmer video
3 Live Ad Farmers Videos
   3.1 Idealist farmer video 1
   3.2 Idealist farmer video 2
   3.3 Conformist Farmer Video 1
   3.4 Conformist Farmer Video 2
4 Animated ad videos for Consumers
   4.1 Video tomatoes
   4.2 Video potatoes
   4.3 Video onions
5 live ad videos for Consumers
   5.1 Founders Video

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Budget: $500

Posted On: November 12, 2021 22:37 UTC
Category: Cartoons & Comics
Skills:Anime, Caricature, Animation, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Commercials, 2D Animation, Video Production

Country: Estonia

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