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Hi! We’re looking for individuals or agencies who can help us build a list of podcast hosts. We’ll direct you to a website that features many podcasts. You’ll filter that website for categories we specify. Then, you’ll click on each podcast to see if they usually have guests on their show. If so, you’ll add the podcast name and host’s name to our spreadsheet, look up the host’s email address, and add it to the spreadsheet as well.

You can find more detailed instructions here:

We’re looking for 500 rows to be completed by Monday, November 15th at 8am PT. If you’re not able to do all 500 rows, just let us know what you can take on — we’re happy to split the project among a few different people or agencies.

Thank you in advance!

Budget: $125

Posted On: November 12, 2021 22:26 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:List Building, Data Entry, Prospect List

Country: United States

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