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As our first study is still ongoing, so for now there must be no changes to the website.
But in about a month we need you to implement the following changes to the website.

1. Participants will have to accept our Cookies before entering our website.

2. People must enter their “Prolific-ID” (an ID they will be given from, we will need it later on to attach the data from the survey to the videos!) as an identification marker on the website.

3. We´ll also need a way to output the “Prolific-ID” after the person leaves the website. For this participants videos and all other data recorded should be named after the participants Prolific-ID. (- Again, later on we will assign videos to filled out-data on another website [] using their “prolific-id” [participants will enter their prolific id on the other website as well; so, pairing them shouldn’t be a problem for us]). This step is crucial – as we will not be able to pair the video-data from the main website with the custom-data from soscisurvey without it.

4. On the main site where they are first brought when we send them a link to the site ( near the check box where people agree on the declaration of consent we would need you to add a link to the Data Protection Declaration (GDPR).- We will send you the necessary formulation.

5. Restricting the access to the survey: by using crowdsourcing platform many people will try to participate in our study on the website at once. They will be paid for participation; therefore, we will have to ensure that their participation from the beginning to the end, including storage and upload of all data, works without problems. How can we guarantee this? (maybe we should restrict access to the study to only a certain amount of people at once – but we are looking forward to your solution!)

6. The ability to change passwords in the admin panel.
7. Visualize the progress when uploading videos (only if not too much effort – simple solution)

8. For the second study we need to adapt the language from German to English, therefore we prepared a document where all text passages are translated to English. Please insert the translations at the right places.
If you have any questions regarding any of these changes, feel free to contact us for more explanation or examples, otherwise we would be happy to hear from you.
Thank you for your great work already and we are excited to see these new changes implemented.

Posted On: November 24, 2021 09:24 UTC
Category: Full Stack Development
Skills:MySQL, API, Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Django, ExpressJS, React, Data Structures

Country: United States

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