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Mopheads was started in 1995 as a cleaning company, the ironing started later as a bit of a joke! We originally used pen and paper to track our clients but as we grew one of the business partners created a database using Lotus, which kept track of new clients, address, phone number, alarm number etc. A-Z reference.
The Lotus database was used to create drivers lists to order the drop offs for cleaning staff with all the relevant information that they would need.
The ironing would work in much the same way with lists for the drivers routes. There was also a weekly calendar to book collections and returns.

The new program would need to utilise the existing client information.
It would need to be split into 2 areas: cleaning and ironing.
All incoming calls would be logged directly into the system listing name, address, phone number, service required, and special instructions.
A calendar to book on regular collections and deliveries into the future.
To allow a collection list for the driver, who can log what was collected with a time stamp.
When it’s returned it’s checked in and the work allocated to an ironer. A start time will be logged and any instructions such as wash/dry/fold, wash/iron, iron only.
Once completed a finish time will be logged and a listing of items ironed and the location it will be found in within the ironing room.
The drivers list will include the ironing location, client address and phone number, how many hanging and flat packed items. How the client will be paying, cash/cheque/credit/debit card/BACS.

Client name, address, phone number, key, alarm, A-Z reference, number of hours, special requirements.
Drivers list would list the above details plus the name of the staff member that is doing the cleaning.
The ability to log any ironing/laundry/dry cleaning collected.
The ability to log drop off time.
Cleaner would need to have the ability to access any special instructions for that client.
Cleaner would need to be able to add photos to the system to report any damage/breakages/ work completed.

The drivers route list would need to show the pick-up time for the cleaner and the next job they will be doing, and the information required.

There will need to be a management screen to show the real time information for work coming in, work in the system and work going out.

A customer portal to allow access for the client to see the progress of their laundry/ironing/dry cleaning. To see what time the cleaner arrived/left and to allow them to book another collection or clean.

This is a complicated process that at the moment requires a lot of duplication and lists. This would streamline the different processes and allow a more cohesive day to day management with real time information and workflows.

The ironing will be the first part of the software that would be implemented as it can be monitored using one driver and several jobs. This would be gradually increased to include cleaning drivers collection of ironing/laundry from cleaning clients.
Once this is successful and staff are used to the different functionalities it can be rolled out to include the cleaning side which is a much bigger part of the business.

I would like to see this first stage commencing within 1 months with the whole project completed within 3 months.

We are a bespoke company, customer service is at the heart of what we do. This system is to allow the company to increase its work capacity by allowing the daily processes to be streamlined.

It would be beneficial to see any previous projects that you have undertaken that runs along similar lines with a realistic time frame for completion and costs.

Posted On: November 25, 2021 14:22 UTC
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