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Hi, thank you for reading our job description.

We have an app which is used by medical students and their instructors. The app enables the medical students and their instructors to use the "Collaborative Assessment" method of measuring the progress of the medical students.

We will only respond to applicants who have read the attached pdf file so before you respond to this job posting, please ensure that you read the attached pdf, "Description and Benefits of Collaborative Assessment.pdf"

We are looking for an animation that will explain two things:
1 – How the "Collaborative Assessment" process works (see the attached pdf), and
2 – The Benefits of "Collaborative Assessment" (see the same pdf)

Since we will host the final animation on our Sales website:, it is important that the animation match the professionalism of the sales website. Therefore, please review the look and feel and style of the website thoroughly to be sure that you can provide an animation that is not too "cartoonish" in nature. By that we mean, we don’t think that the typical "cartoonish" animations which showing people with large heads and skinny arms & legs would be suitable to present to our customers who are medical doctors.

We know that it will definitely be helpful to have human characters in this explainer video, because there is both a learner (eg, the medical student) and an instructor (eg, the senior surgeon) who must use the app to communicate with each other as explained in the attached pdf. However, since the human characters don’t need to be animated characters, we suggest that it might be possible for you to use images to represent those two people (the student and instructor) which do not have large heads and skinny arms/legs.

In order to help us decide who to give this job to, please send at least a few samples of the type of animations you have done in the past which you think would also be suitable for our purpose. Ideally, we would love to be able to just see one of your past videos, and say to you, "Yes! Please make us a video that uses that same style of graphics to explain how the collaborative assessment approach works, and what the benefits of that approach are."

As for the script for the video, we think it should basically follow the "Description" and "Benefits" sections of the attached pdf. In other words, the explainer video, will have two halves: the first part will describe the collaborative assessment approach (ie, the man points in steps 1 to 8), and the second part will explain the benefits of the approach (ie, the seven bullets)

If the animation you create has a soundtrack (such as a voiceover, or sound effects) we would like the soundtrack to be provided separately from the video, so that we would be able to edit it or remove it if we choose to.

We will need to have all of the source files for the final animation so that we can make edits or updates at a later date if we need to.

Thank you for your interest in our project.

With Best Wishes for your continued success,

Budget: $400

Posted On: November 25, 2021 19:12 UTC
Category: 2D Animation
Skills:Explainer Video, 2D Animation, Animation

Country: Canada

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