Head of Engineer, futur CTO,

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Management: Managing the development team. In charge of the recruitment and the distribution of the tasks. Responsible for planning and execution of short and long-term transformation cycles to plan and meet organizational objectives, goals.

Analysis: Analyse the demand of the product design. Planify the roadmap to transform all necessary functions and prioritize and execute transformation? Closely track trends (customers, revenue, margins, offerings, innovation, etc.) to ensure organizational alignment with strategy and goals.
Problem solving: Leading the tackling of technical problems and continuously improving the decentralization system and lending system. Ensure the safe, stable and fast operation of the system.
Innovation: Understand the latest development status of the field through continuous learning, and actively cooperate with the company’s strategic development. Use continuous integration technology to build, deploy and test all aspects of the product to ensure high-quality delivery.
Leading the development: Participate in the system analysis and design of various blockchain businesses, design decentralized transaction systems, security protocols and architectures for lending, undertake core function code writing, develop and maintain system public core modules; explore practical blocks The application scenarios and value of the chain in the business;
Coaching: Help all teams to operate at an optimal level to meet the objectives. Work closely with marketing and business development teams to define and deliver new offerings.
Communication: Report the developpement statute, the resources needed to CEO and investors; to meet and improve in alignment with strategy and goals.



A good level of English is required. The ideal candidate can also speak French.
Familiar with consensus mechanism, encryption algorithm, zero-knowledge proof, open source code and public chain cross-chain technology.
Able to independently develop, integrate, deploy, refactor and tune smart contracts, understand the principle of smart contract execution; understand the smart contract security system, and be able to elaborate on the offensive and defensive measures for various types of smart contract vulnerabilities;
The ideal candidate is a PHD candidate or PHD in studies related to Computer Science. 
Requires an engineer or master degree in studies related to Computer Science, or 6 years of experience in fintech or blockchain related projects.
The ideal candidate is determined and believes in the decentralized system.
Familiar with web3, node.js, Linux, Rust and Solidity languages and frameworks.
The ideal candidate has a back-ground in quantitative finance and mathematical modeling.



100 000,00€  to 160 000,00€ per year + up to 120 000,00€ annual bonus or company share.


Avantages :

Possibility of promotion to CTO post
Possibility to receive company shares.
Salary can be paid with crypto.
Flexible working hours.
You have an opportunity to contribute to the open-sourced blockchain system, and participate in the EIP standard making process.
You will be working with the most dedicated team. to build a game changing, never-before-built system.

Hours :

Monday to Friday 



Qualified candidates should send their resume to [email protected]

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