Research the background details of potential investor for personalization in email outreach campaign – Upwork

Expert copywriting skills required. If you have previous experience in blockchain/cryptocurrency industry that would be helpful too.

As a startup we are in the process of launching outreach campaigns for investors.

The copy is already written but we plan to add a layer of personalization in the email outreach campaigns.

The line will be written in copy with the intention that investors open the email,

The copy of email is written below:
Hi *Investor First Name*


I’m the Founder of the  company.

Needs to be replaced with their

1) Their recent investment
2) Great exit from their previous investment.
3) Any awards they received.
4) Any good news about the company or that individual.
5) Their LinkedIn profiles sometimes have details on their past Or something they founded/admire.
7) Websites tagline/references/ what they looking for

This is the research part and above are the sources we previously used. You can use these or find your own sources.

I have attached an excel sheet. It has examples of what we used in the past and 10 blank spaces for you to research and write. Download it. And fill it out.

Please send us the examples in the excel  sheet and your approach. If it aligns and works for us.

We will be hiring you for the long term.
There are about 125 Investors initially that need personalization.

If it works and helps us in improving open rate we will be hiring  you to do this personalization of about 600 additional investors.

Budget is flexible feel free to give your recommendation if you want to be compensated (For initial 125 entries)
1) hourly….how many hours it will take and what’s per hour rate
2) With each investor personalization you write. ($.01 to $1)
Remember these are just one liner/sentence statements for personalization touch in email.

The attached file will serve as an example of your work. Send it back to us.
The cells which mention #research yourself. Replace them with your own content.
We will review it, If we like the work you put in.
We will send you the list of 125 investors including (Name, website, LinkedIn profile)

Posted On: November 25, 2021 11:24 UTC
Category: Online Research
Skills:Marketing Research, Research, Company Research, Online Research, Email Marketing, Content Writing, Prospect List, Web Research

Country: India

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